Host a Hangout

We live in a time and place where friendship is a lost art. Hangouts are events hosted by people at New City Church that want to help us recover this essential aspect of life and fellowship. Rather than trying to create events from the top down—pastors guessing what everyone will enjoy doing together—we want the keys of community to be in the hands of every churchgoer.

So what do you like doing? Play-dates with other moms? Are you an aspiring axe-thrower? Board Games? Go hiking? Do you like to visit the latest museum exhibits? Whether it’s a one time event or a recurring get together, apply below and we’ll be in touch.

Quick advice. Communication is KEY to inviting people to hang out with you. You are the HOST of the hangout, we are merely the encouragement and avenue. If you have a recurring hangout we can create a channel on our app for you to communicate more details with other folks who are interested and you will be the manager of that channel.

If you don’t know if what you want to do would be successful, the best way to find out is to do it. If it flops, try something else. Who knows, you could create an annual chili-cook-off event that your great-great-grand-kids eventually win. Or you could get really good at fishing and forge great friendships. Fellowship creates culture. You can take initiative to strengthen our church culture, simply 
by hanging out together.

All hangouts will appear in the EVENTS & HANGOUTS sections of our website and app.