Psalm 23 says that the Lord prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies. We get to feast, while the Lord’s enemies watch, and our first prayer is that they would repent and join us. Our second prayer is that we would enjoy the blessings of his table. Likewise, Jesus told his disciples that the world would know who are his by the way that they love one another. Part of this is fellowship over meals.

Believers gathering together over a meal is a very effective way the Lord has given us to bring him glory. At New City we encourage one another to be intentional about using your kitchen table for the kingdom.

We believe showing hospitality to other believers builds up the church and the gates of hell cannot stand against a well prepared table.

On Sundays we gather in part around the Lord’s table for communion. During the week we encourage you to invite others over to your home, to gather around your kitchen table. Whether it’s a Saturday evening feast, a Taco Tuesday treat or a Friday Pizza & Games night, showing hospitality is an essential way we are able to show the world we are disciples of Christ.

Inviting others into your home can be a bit intimidating but, the easiest way for you to do learn how to show hospitality is to talk to someone you sit next to on Sunday. Toss in an Altoid, extend a firm handshake and take the “would-you-like-to-come-over?” jump.