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God exists in perfect community as Father, Son and Spirit and we believe He created us for community too. The New City Church community is a network of relationships with a common unity around Jesus. We have three intentional spaces where we disciple one other, love one another and call one another to grow in our own maturity as we’re on mission together. These three intentional spaces exist to support mission through community for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Sunday Worship Gathering, is a weekly time to worship together and learn from the teaching of the Word. Our City Groups are our smaller communities scattered throughout the City where we can each be on mission in our own context. Our Discipleship Quads are smaller groups still where we develop authentic, one-on-one relationships for the purpose of the intentional reproduction and multiplication.


City Groups are our smaller missional communities or house churches that meet in homes throughout the Denver area. They are weekly gatherings where individuals from around the city meet, eat, study and pray for the purpose of learning to love Denver and care for the needs of the broken in this city.  We currently have groups that meet in different neighborhoods all over the city and they range in size from 8 to 40. Jesus said that the world would know who are His disciples by the way that we love one another – City Groups are where we encourage folks to learn to love one another as a response to the way that Jesus loves us.

Our City Groups are listed below by the evening that they meet. Please email the leader for location details.

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These are intentional, gender specific groups of two to four people that meet throughout the week in homes, coffee shops, boardrooms, restaurants and parks. We believe that Jesus calls christians to count the cost of being His disciple and then go make disciples, and this is our specific environment where we can learn to be people who know how to make disciples of Jesus. These Quad groups form organically and intentionally though relationships developed on Sunday, at City Group and in life.


New City has frequent events and events throughout the city because we like being engaged in the life of our city.  To learn about when and where these are happening at please check on “The City” for the latest updates.  If you are not already signed up for the city please click here or contact us at

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We hope our City Groups grow to be full of folks who are on mission in their local communities. We want the people around us to know that we’re christians by the way that we love one another, love them and talk about Jesus. As we live with non-believers we serve each other and our communities. Our City Groups are pursing intentional time to be in the communities where they meet serving the needs of the broken folk in those communities by talking about the hope of the Gospel and intentionally developing relationships where people can hear about Jesus.